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General Paediatrics

We welcome new patients, and provide supportive ongoing care for all medical and developmental concerns

  • Paediatric consultations from newborns to adolescents, including unsettled babies, reflux, feeding and settling issues, bowel and bladder issues, weight management, skin conditions, and growth & developmental milestone monitoring
  • Developmental assessments and management of behavioural issues

Subspecialty Paediatrics ​

Paediatric Allergy Specialist - including skin prick testing

Dr Wendy Allen is a Paediatrician and Paediatric Allergist who specialises in children with Allergic diseases including food allergy, allergic rhinitis, asthma and eczema. She provides an on-site skin prick testing service for common food and aeroallergens. If food challenges are indicated following consultation, these can be arranged. Dr Allen can initiate and monitor sublingual Immunotherapy for common aero allergens, for example, house dust mite.

Paediatric Nephrology - kidney and bladder issues

Associate Professor Fiona Mackie is a paediatric nephrologist with over 20 years experience as a consultant. She also practices at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick where she is a senior staff specialist. Prof. Mackie specialises in kidney problems for children and neonates. These problems include recurrent urine infections, kidney abnormalities diagnosed during pregnancy, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disorders, wetting and bed wetting. She is the former Chair of the Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Nephrology Association.

Paediatric Respiratory Medicine

Dr Bernadette Prentice is a Paediatric Respiratory Physician in Sydney and completed her respiratory training at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network. She has a Master’s of Public Health and also works as Conjoint Associate Lecturer for The School of Women’s and Children’s Health at The University of New South Wales. Bernadette has expertise in paediatric lung conditions including chronic cough, preschool wheeze, recurrent infections and asthma. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Cystic Fibrosis and has had her research published in peer reviewed journals. She is passionate about quality improvement in healthcare and quality of life for children with lung conditions and their families.

Clinical Geneticists

Dr Sondhya Ghedia. North Shore Genetics provides consultations within our clinic. Click here to visit North Shore Genetics