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The Paediatric Clinic

The Paediatric clinic was established in 2011 with children and their parents as our primary focus. Our practice has grown into a multidisciplinary team of like-minded Paediatric specialists, subspecialists and allied health professionals. We offer Paediatric Specialist Consultation in the areas of allergy, respiratory, nephrology, developmental and general paediatric concerns.

Our Philosophy

Parenthood is a joyous and challenging responsibility. It can be the happiest and most rewarding time of your life. However, parenthood can be daunting if you have health or developmental concerns about your child.

At The Paediatric Clinic we provide a reassuring environment with guidance and support every step of the way in your child’s health journey.

The Paediatric Clinic brings together a highly experienced group of children’s doctors, working together to provide clinics across the entire working week, with the assistance of a great support team. Available in the clinic five days a week is our friendly and very experienced Paediatric nurse to discuss referrals from GP’s or parental concerns.

Our welcoming and beautifully renovated rooms are conveniently located in St Leonards within North Shore Private Hospital.