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Appointment toolkit

To make the most of your appointment consider the following "appointment toolkit". Referral letter (required for Medicare claim). A list of the main reasons for your visit. List of any medications your child is taking, including alternative medications, including the dose (how much and how often). Your child's health record booklet (your blue book) and any relevant medical results, investigations or discharge summaries. Any photos or videos that may relate to the concern you have about your child. For school age children bring a copy of their report, educational assessment or letter from teacher if relevant.

Preparing your child

Talk to your child about the purpose of the appointment and what they might expect. Paediatricians usually ask a lot of questions and take a careful history to get a full picture of your child’s health or concerns.

During your visit

Write down anything that is important or that you might forget. Ask questions if you don't understand anything the Paediatrician says.

After your visit

Your Paediatrician will send a letter back to your GP or referring doctor outlining their plans for the management of your child. You are welcome to call our clinic and speak to our Paediatric Clinic Nurse, if you have any further questions or concerns.

Want to Meet the Doctor?

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