Paediatric Respiratory Physician

Dr Prentice is a Paediatric Respiratory Physician and has expertise in paediatric lung conditions including chronic cough, preschool wheeze, recurrent infections and asthma. She is passionate about quality improvement in healthcare and quality of life for children with chronic lung conditions and their families.

Dr Prentice completed respiratory training at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network. She has a Master’s of Public Health and also works as Conjoint Associate Lecturer for The School of Women’s and Children’s Health at The University of New South Wales. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Cystic Fibrosis and has had her research published in peer reviewed journals.

Dr Prentice has appointments available for existing patients. If you wish to make a new patient appointment with Dr Prentice, please send in your referral and we will be able to advise availability and wait times.